Gathering: A Collection of Thoughts on Food and Family

Gathering: A Collection of Thoughts on Food & Family was my senior thesis project. My goal was to learn about how food can foster family relationships. The result is this compilation of thoughts and stories that I collected through interviews with 20 individuals who all have different life experiences, cultural backgrounds, and unique relationships with food. 

Mental Health Check Poster Series

This poster series was a self-initiated project that set out to quickly grab attention for a sort of mental health check in. The posters have information for a non-profit called Hopeline that gets people the help they need. Each poster’s pattern is meant to subtly represent what viewers may be feeling. For example, the circles each going through different warping all together on the page for the poster that reads ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’.

Dough Magazine

Dough is a magazine focused on baking for intermediate skill levels. The recipes included would be more challenging that your average cookie recipe and emphasis would be placed on technique teaching and ingredient deep dives. This particular Winter issue features 3 unique holiday cookie recipes meant to gift. Photographs taken by me for the sole purpose of this project. 

Yo La Tengo Album, and then nothing turned itself inside-out

A record re-design for a perfect album. Yo La Tengo’s ‘and then nothing turned itself inside-out’ is beautiful and unique with brief moments of noise and chaos. Lyrics and notes drift away into the atmospheric songs and I tried to capture that in the type treatments and abstract paintings. While minor scribble-y elements speak to the brief chaotic moments.

Restaurant feature story, in local food magazine 

A feature article concept for a magazine like Portland Monthly. This highlights a local restaurant and their famous winter health elixirs. Photograph was taken by me while working as a photographer for the restaurant. 

Poster Series for film, Brick

Brick, an indie detective film by Rian Johnson, is extremely unique. I hoped to capture some of its stylistic but low-budget charm in these type-focused posters. The use of torn paper is a reference to paper clues the protagonist finds. While the use of negative space and heavy text on the bottom of the other poster is a nod to the weight of the stress that the protagonist is under, heavy like a brick. 

Magnesium, a hairline display typeface

Magnesium is a hairline weight, display typeface with oversized counters and a unique straight-sided curve treatment. It draws inspiration from the Minimalism art movement prominent in the 1960’s & 1970’s. Specifically Carl Andre’s works consisting of squares formed with various metals and repeated amongst themselves. Magnesium was built in Glyphs 3 and the process was challenging and but very rewarding. 

Magazine Spread, an interview with Palmona Lanna

A simple but powerful spread featuring The Great Discontent’s interview with Palmona Lanna, a gifted photographer and designer. The elegant type choices and utiliaztion of negative space pair well with Palmona’s apparel design and Carlota Guerrero’s featured photos.

Wild Hive Draft Mead, branding and bottle design

Wild Hive Draft Mead is a concept for a locally brewed mead that uses local honey and floral flavors in it’s brewing process. I set out to make a bold and verstile logomark that could play well with various bottle designs. With eye-catching colors and illustrations to highlight each flavor, I’m sure bottles of Wild Hive Draft Mead would fly off the shelf.